Bob has worked with dogs for the last 40 years.

He got his start back in 1973 while he was stationed in Germany for 2 years. In that time period as Bob was in Germany, he had noticed that when he and his colleagues on their off days, would walk down the streets, the dogs were very mellow and subdued, the dogs wouldn’t lunge or bark at them as they walked by, unless it was on demand/commanded by the handler, and the dogs wouldn’t be roaming and running around uncontrollably in the streets, unlike in his hometown. He saw that the handlers would have complete control of their dogs at all times.
So Bob wanted to learn their skills and techniques so that he could bring them back to the U.S.

Once Bob’s deployment was over and he came back home, he immediately went back to Germany and started working one on one with professional trainers. After training and learning everything he could, Bob came home with new knowledge and started training here in the states. 

Please Contact at 253-606-5651 or bobsmithsk9@gmail.com


Bob feels that a “Ill Behavior” is a “Tolerated Behavior

Bob would also like people to know that if you or you know of someone who has a canine/dog that has problems with aggression, and are financially bound. We can assure you that your canine/dog can receive help. There will be no dog left behind. WE WILL ABSOLUTELY WORK WITH THEM OR YOURSELF.


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Where do i begin i, when i first got into to contact with bob (2012) i explain to him that i wanted to learn his dog training method, and i also wanted to open up my own dog training business. Bob put together an affordable training package for me. At that time i had an dark sable german shepherd that was 16 month of age. I told Bob that he was dog aggressive and he didn’t have any off leash control. Bob told me to bring him on out so we can tighten up on his obedience. Early September I drove …
Yasin A.